1. Install the Javascript

Simply copy and paste the javascript into your site. Once you've done that, you're ready to sign up for PagePilot.

2. Sign Up

Load your site and add '?launchpagepilot' to the end of any url. The PagePilot panel will appear and you can create your PagePilot account.

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3. Add a Note

This is what you will create a Hint from. When you click 'Read More' in a Hint, the full contents of the Note will be displayed. You can embed images & video inside Notes also.

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4. Create a Hint

Hints are like tooltips. Crete a Hint by adding a couple sentences to a Note. Associate it with a CSS selector so we know where to put it.

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5. Add Hint to a Guide

If you include your Hint in a Guide it will be part of the page Guide. Hints in a Guide are ordered by the Hint's position in the panel, top to bottom.

6. Coming Soon! Add Guide to a Flow

Coming Soon! Flows are like Guides but they can span pages of your site. String Guides together in a Flow to onboard customers from beginning to end.



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