Why Page Pilot?

A letter from the founders

Years ago Page Pilot started as a side project for AuthorityLabs. We had moved from another support solution to Intercom. Intercom had messaging (chat or ticketing or whatever you want to call it) but they didn’t have documentation at the time. We couldn’t find software that we liked to build our docs with so we ended up building our own.

We prototyped the docs portion of Page Pilot in a couple weeks. It was a note, targeted at a url embedded as a widget within the AuthorityLabs interface. It worked well for what it did, and anecdotally over time it really decreased our support requests. Authoritylabs currently manages over 1,000 customers with one full time support person. We feel a large part of the reason for that is that information customers need is right where they need it.

The prototype had been used inside AuthorityLabs for years. It became one of those ideas that kept resurrecting itself. Things we wanted to build to support our customers better really fit within the realm of a Page Pilot type product.

Finally we decided to productize it and in earnest at the end of 2016 we started building. The vision for Page Pilot has become much larger than we initially thought. It’s much more than contextually relevant, in app documentation.

We want to build tools to help you enable your customers to help themselves. This includes docs, hints, onboarding flows, activation achievements, change logs and release notes … just to name a few. We want you to be able to do all this simply by adding a little javascript to your site.

It’s important for these onboarding and support tools to have the most up to date information possible and to easily change as you software changes. Being able to do that without developer time is key and allows for these changes to be frictionless. Backing all these things with detailed analytics around which customers are using which support features will help you made data driven decisions to improve your app and retain those customers.

Onboard, educate and retain your customers with Page Pilot ✈.

Your Page Pilot Crew,
Steve Swedler & Chase Granberry