A better support solution for both you and your users.



Cut down on your support tickets

By making your users more self-sufficient through our contextual help docs and on-page hints, you can help the customer where they are before they reach out to you for help.

Create tooltips easily

For complex tasks sometimes you just need a quick tip to keep you going in the right direction. Tooltips, or "Hints" as we call them, are a tried-and-true convention and we make it simple to add them to your site.

Maintian documentation effortlessly

Our unique integration means you never have to go to a separate site to edit your documentation or create hints or guides. Just log in from our panel on your site and edit right there.

Build onboarding flows quickly

A well-placed guide can get your users started fast. Our flexible Page Guides are built from your hints and can perform actions like opening a modal or redirecting to another page.

Introduce new features

Help your users learn about new features with page guides and hints or even remind them of existing features they might not know about.

Keep your documentation up to date

Updating documentation is a pain, but with PagePilot, it can be a simple on-going process that you can assign to any member of your team.